Independent Model

The Freedom to Act in Your Best Interest
Since we opened our doors more than 18 years ago, Stoneburner Wealth Management, LLC, has been providing access to truly independent financial advisory services. And the value of that kind of independence is more apparent today than ever before.

The Antidote to the Traditional "Wall Street" Model
Under the traditional model, still in use by many today, an investor's accounts are serviced by a financial representative—someone who, literally, represents the interests of the company that employs him or her.

By contrast, Stoneburner Wealth Management, LLC, is, and always has been, an independently owned and managed group of financial advisors. We answer only to you, our client, not to a parent company, board of directors, or other entity whose interests might conflict with yours.

It's important to thoroughly evaluate any financial professional you are considering working with, and to carefully examine whether any pressures exist—such as incentives from a parent company to recommend proprietary products—that could affect the recommendations they make to you.

Although we are required by law to affiliate with a Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer to process investment transactions on your behalf, the partner we have chosen for that purpose—Commonwealth Financial Network®—is also privately owned and managed. The firm is not engaged in the underwriting of complex, high-risk financial instruments, and it remains free to act in the best interests of its advisors and their clients, not shareholders.

What It Means to You
Working with an independent financial advisor can assure you of truly independent, objective advice based solely on what's right for you. When you work with Stoneburner Wealth Management, LLC, you can feel confident that:

  • We are accountable only to you.
  • Our investment and other financial recommendations are based solely on your interests and objectives.
  • You will receive prompt replies from us to your directives and inquiries.
  • Your assets are working toward your goals effectively.
  • Your wishes and opinions are respected.